Auction of Yearling Pleasure Prospects who will be eligible for participation in the 2019 Tom Powers Sale Stakes

  • June 30, 2018 – Berrien Springs, Michigan
  • Yearlings ONLY
  • Deadline for entry: June 1, 2018

Catalog and Indexes

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Online Bidders and Spectators

If you would like to become an Online Bidder or Spectator in the upcoming 2018 Tom Powers Futurity Stakes Sale, Click Here.

Note that you can create a “Bidder Account” or a “Guest Account” at any time, even during the auction (although we recommend creating one at least an hour before the animal you are interested in sells). The Bidder Account will allow you to view the live auction online and to place bids in real time (Reminder: If you create a Bidder Account, be aware of the “Bid” button on your screen during the auction. All sales are final and binding — please review the Terms and Conditions). The Guest Account will allow you to view the live auction online without the possibility of placing a bid.

Horses for Sale

Click on the below images to enlarge catalog listings, images, and/or open videos. Note: Video and images are only available for select horses. If you are a seller and would like to show images or video of your animal, please send image files and/or video links to with the name of the horse included.

Hip #1 Made From J

Hip #2 The Best Chips

Hip #3 Journee

Hip #4 Dem Baby Blues

Hip #5 Gonna Be A Romeo

Hip #6 Dontflatteryourself

Hip #7 VS Fancy

Hip #8 Mouse Trapped

Hip #9 Am I The Only One

Hip #10 “Name Pending”

Hip #11 Body Like A Bakroad

Hip #12 As Good As It Getz

Hip #13 To Dee Extreme

Hip #14 Gotham Girl

Hip #15 Nite Life

Hip #16 Shorty Max

Hip #17 Nowthatsabattman

Hip #18 Island Cowgirl

Hip #19 Im A Low Down Loper (AQHA/APHA)

Hip #20 Take Me Home Sweety

Hip #21 Tip Off To Sleep

Hip #22 Unforgettable Hope

Hip #23 The Whoo

Hip #24 Skips Mini Cooper

Hip #25 Cant Imagine This

Hip #26 Shes Really Hot

Hip #27 Machine Made For You

Hip #28 The Lopin Illusion

Hip #29 Certainly Lookin

Hip #30 Snap Chatt (AQHA/APHA)

Hip #31 Shez Got The Goodz

Hip #32 Flirtinginthebatcave

Hip #33 Alternative Facts

Hip #34 Cowboyzdontflatline

Hip #35 SST She Looks Good

Hip #36 No Doubt Ima Cupcake

Hip #37 If Wishes Wer Horses

Hip #38 Invest In A Facebook

Hip #39 This Is Your Nite

Hip #40 Down For Certain

Hip #41 Whose That Hot Gal

Hip #42 The Best Cowgirl

Hip #43 Im Sum Kinda Trouble

Hip #44 Livin Da Dream

Hip #45 Can You Fix It (AQHA/APHA)

Hip #46 “Name Pending”

Results from the July 2017 Sale

Western Pleasure Yearlings

  •  Gross Sales:  $508,000
  • Sale Average:  $9,973
  • High Seller:  $36,000
  • Top 5 Sale Average:  $28,700
  • Top 10 Sale Average: $22,370